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Meeting Your Neighbors Makes Life Simpler

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

In an increasingly online world, it has become glaringly important that we make more time to build our communities in real life. More than 30% of Americans have never interacted with their neighbor. And for those who have interacted, it’s generally a small wave or head nod as they enter their house.

Everything has a service has commoditized many of the things we would have simply asked a neighbor to help with before. From dog-walking to finding mom friends... there’s an app for that. We believe in the power of your village in your daily life.

We’re less about the neighborhood gossip through online neighborhood groups and more about the value of human connection in your immediate community. (Have you ever been inclined to actually meet a neighbor through one of those groups?)

Getting to know your neighbors has all sorts of mental, physical, and emotional benefits.


This one is often a given. If you browse your online neighborhood group on Facebook or other apps for even a moment, you’ll see warnings of shady characters and news about break-ins. But the broadcast and awareness of a safety issue is only a small part of the picture. Building the neighbor relationship has more tangible benefits, where you could actually message your neighbor asking them to hold your Amazon packages until you get home or asking them to let a repair person in to fix the sink.


It’s a common issue for adults to untangle after college: “How do people actually make friends?” Once you hit another life milestone expanding your social circle becomes especially tricky. That milestone? Parenthood. A quick Google search will surface unending articles and blog posts about the loneliness of parenthood especially those early years.

Building your village with other parents near your can ease that burden of loneliness immensely. We’re all in the same boat and we all do better when we have the opportunity to both offer and ask for support. Even if that support is just having a glass of wine while the kids watch Peppa Pig.

Small Favors

You’re in the middle of baking a cake at home only to realize you’re out of eggs, so in the amazingly instant age we live in you pop open your Instacart or Prime Now app and voila! Two hours and $15 later, you’ve got a dozen eggs. We all but forgot the simple solution of knocking on the neighbor’s door and asking, “Hey, can I borrow a couple of eggs please?” It’s not so crazy, especially once you get to know your neighbors a bit, it opens up more and more of these opportunities.

Here’s a bit of the shameless plug part, but it’s true, with Allo you’re able to knock down the barriers to actually begin making connections with your neighborhood and build your village.

Been eyeing a storytime at the local library but feel awkward going alone? Post for your village near you and you’ll be surprised to see how many fellow parents were in the same boat and are eager to join. Got stuck at the office longer than expected and just need someone to make sure your cats haven’t torn up your apartment? A quick post to your village, someone will be able to give you peace of mind.

Whether you’ve lived in your place for years or are new to the neighborhood, there’s no time like the present to reach out and say hello to your neighbors.

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