Q: What is Allo for?

A: Think anything you wish you could coordinate with friends, neighbors, kids’ friends’ parents, etc in your nearby network but find group messages spam-like and noisy and individual text clunky and difficult to manage.


Q: Who is Allo for?

A: Anyone who’d like to be able to communicate and coordinate with their nearby friends, family, and neighbors to more easily help each other out and meet up. It’s particularly helpful for parents who could use a hand with kids’ pickups and dropoffs, date night childcare, etc or “dog parents” who need the occasional dog walker or pet sitter, but anyone can use the app to get the help they need from nearby friends and neighbors.


Q: What is the difference between a Request and an Offer?

A: Post a “Request” when you need a hand. Post an “Offer” when you’re available to lend a hand or want to meet up with a nearby friend.

  • Examples of Requests:

    • Can someone bring in a package that was delivered? I’m out of town.

    • Anyone available to dog sit our pup this weekend?

    • I’m running late from work. Can someone pick my child up from school?

  • Examples of Offers:

    • I’m around this Saturday with the kids and would be happy to watch someone’s little ones for a few hours if they’re looking for a break.

    • Want to go for a run this Sunday?

    • I made wayyyy too many chocolate chip cookies today. Anyone want some?

    • Anyone need a ride to the grocery store or want me to pick up a few items for them? I’m headed there this afternoon.


Q: Who should I invite to my village?

A: Start by inviting people you know to your village - like that friend down the street who’s always offering to watch your dog, but you feel weird taking her up on it. Think: friends, parents of the kids at your kids school, the other folks in your building, your neighbors next door, etc. As your local Allo community grows, the MapView of the other Allo users nearby can be great way to discover recommended new friends based on overlapping interests, kids the same age/at the same school, etc.


Q: I’m new to my neighborhood. Is Allo for me?

A: Yes! Allo is especially great for folks just getting to know their neighborhood and local community. Download the app to discover recommended nearby connections on Allo based on shared interests, kids’ ages/schools, and more!


Q: I’d love to be able to ask my neighbor to let my dog out every now and then, but I don’t want to give them a key. What should I do?

A: We suggest getting a digital lockbox to make life simpler. It’s not only helpful for situations like these, it also helps you avoid lockouts and is good for guests.


Q: Can anyone view my private profile information?

A: No, you can adjust your privacy settings to your comfort level so that anyone who you haven’t invited to join your village can only see your public profile information. Of course, the more you share, the more you’ll be able to discover relevant new connections nearby, but how much you share is entirely up to you.

Q: How do I know I can trust other users?

A: You choose who you’d like in your village and what information about you those not in it can see. We don’t share your private profile information with other users with whom you’re not connected.

Q: What happens if I can’t complete the favor or another person doesn’t follow through?

A: There is a place to cancel the event within the messages with the other person. It will change to ‘pending’ and the request or offer will show up on everyone’s feed as available.


Q: What if I don’t have an iPhone?

A: Allo is currently only available for iOS. We are constantly working to build improvements that expand Allo's usability and plan to release Allo for Android in the coming year.


Q: How is this different from Facebook, Nextdoor, etc?

A: Allo is built to connect people living near one another so they can more easily help each other out offline (not online). The world doesn’t need another overwhelming and cluttered Next Door or Facebook adding to the online noise. By making it easier for neighboring friends and families to connect, communicate, and coordinate online to help each other offline, we layer in a much-needed element of real-life, real-world interaction and community - something that everyone yearns for and families actually need to get by.  

Q: How does the Karma points system work?

A: You start with 100 points when you first create your account. You can earn points by posting an offer or request, and helping someone else with their requests. To learn the specific details of Karma points, click the icon in the upper left of the app, then click on your karma piggy bank and “How Karma Works”

FOR ADDITIONAL SUPPORT: Please contact us at support@allocommunity.com